What I did – past projects

Colourful, vivid & effective
May-Oct 2017, Wels/Austria

3-day non-party conference with 60 people exploring how to increase active participation in democracy and citizen engagement.

Co-creating sustainable change in our regions
June-Nov 2018, Krems/Austria

1.5 day “Symposium on the Future” with 65 invited regional pioneers, social entrepreneurs and citizens coming together to exchange and innovate.

How will we create opportunities for participatory growth in Africa & beyond?
Jan-October 2016, Nairobi/Kenya

2-day conference, using the power of facilitation to improve societal and organisational outcomes. 60+ participants from 16 countries.

Living well together
Ongoing since Nov 2016, Waldviertel/Austria

A Community of practice with the focus of improved integration of asylum seekers and migrants.

Global Climate Change Action Day
July-Sept 2014, Nairobi/Kenya

Facilitation of a public event in a park as part of the Global Climate Change Action Day #peoplesclimate advocacy campaign.

How will we collaborate to create safe spaces for healthy conversations?
March-Aug 2015, Nairobi/Kenya

International Art of Hosting facilitation training for 35 participants from Kenya, Somalia and Germany.

Intersectoral Knowledge Conference on Pastoralists’ livelihood
Oct 2012 - Jan 2013, Marsabit/Kenya

The intersectoral conference shared knowledge and practices on pastoralist livelihood and discussed alternatives for the future with Government, UN/donor agencies, NGOs and communities.

‘Gmünd hilft’ Public Annual Meeting
June-Oct 2017, Gmünd/Austria

Annual meeting of the association Gmünd hilft with participatory process to listen to the needs and wishes of 170+ citizens and refugees from the town.

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